Small Groups/Bible Studies

March 01, 2024 |

We’re not meant to do life alone. We’re meant to do life together. Over 50 times in the New Testament the phrase ‘one another’ or ‘each other’ is used.  Some examples are: “Encourage … (Heb.10:25); Teach … Admonish … Forgive … (Col.3:16); Be Devoted to… (Rom.12:10); Pray for… (James 5:13-16); Accept… (Rom.15:7); and Serve one another… (Gal.5:13).”  All of these can only happen as we take the time to build relationships outside of the Sunday morning service. One way to do this is by joining a small group Bible Study.  Here are some options for Adults.

Wednesdays: Bible Study (for all): A Study in the Gospel of John
It will take place via zoom, Wenesdays, from 7:00-8:15pm.  Each gathering will begin with an in-depth time studying the Bible, followed by a corporate time of prayer.
Zoom Meeting ID: 818 9927 4621. OR. You can use this direct link:

Those less technically inclined can still join in by phone, by dialing 438-809-7799.  When prompted, enter the zoom meeting ID, followed by the # key. For more info, contact Pastor Bryan at [email protected]

Thursdays: Bible Study (for all): The Sermon on thr Mount
This online Bible Study, led by Ray Lamanque,  continues each Thursday night on zoom, at 7pm. Zoom Meeting ID: 868 2188 6851. For more info, contact Ray Lamanque at [email protected]

Fridays: For Men (monthly): Finding Wisdom from Proverbs
One Friday per month, we have a men’s fellowship, which is a time for men to connect with one another and connect with God.  We have short Bible study and discussion, followed by a time of sharing and prayer in small groups. Our desire is that we would experience the reality that, “As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another” (Proverbs 27:17). For more info contact Ivan [email protected]

Fridays: For Women (monthly):
One Friday per month, we have a women’s fellowship, where women can come and connect with one another and be encouraged in the faith.  For more info contact Lina [email protected]

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