Sermon Series – 2 Peter

January 16, 2024 |

For January, February, and March, the Sunday morning teaching will delve into the book of 2 Peter.  This is a short book of three chapters, but it is jam-packed with important truths about salvation, Scripture, false teachers, and the future. The human author of this book was the apostle Peter writing in 67 or 68 AD. The Roman emperor at that time was Nero, a godless man, who was persecuting Christians intensely, and Peter was imprisoned, likely in Rome, awaiting his own death. Knowing that his death was imminent, he laid out some important truths to the believers in the churches in Asia (specifically encompassed by the area of modern-day Turkey). After all, he had already written a previous letter to them, 1 Peter, and so he set out to pen a second letter to believers who needed comfort and instruction. Comfort for the persecution they were facing, and instruction as to how to navigate a world where there are many deceptive and dangerous philosophies. Peter may have been the human writer, but the Holy Spirit is the divine author. As such, 2 Peter is God’s Word to his church of all ages.

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