Youth Ministry Update

May 11, 2021 |

Adrien Bisson reports…
What a season it has been as a youth group in 2021 so far! We had our first meeting on January 8th. We went through a few series and saw multiple profound truths in Scripture together. We did a 2-part series on identity titled GuessWho.  Next, we went through the book of Philippians together in our Reasons to Rejoice series. Finally, we had a mini Summer Send series the last couple weeks. Our last weekly meeting was held on Saturday June 26th. We had a full day of activities, fellowship, and learning. In the summer ahead, pray for continued spiritual growth and ever-increasing desire for God.
We have been so blessed to meet online every week from April 25th until June 27th. During our blessed times together, we have fellowshipped, grown in friendship, played games, and gone through Mark 1:1 all the way to 10:52. We have had some rich discussions based on our weekly readings. We are now pausing for the summer. In September we will resume and finish going through the Gospel of Mark. Pray the fellowship may continue as well as ongoing depth of learning

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