Sermon Series – The Book of Daniel

December 15, 2021 |

Many are fascinated by the stories in the book of Daniel, stories like Daniel being delivered from the Lions Den (ch.6), and Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego being rescued from the fiery furnace (ch.3). But Daniel has a lot more than just those stories. The book records all kinds of prophetic dreams and visions.  There are accounts of angels and demons battling, there is detailed information about ancient history, before it came to pass, and there are some amazing prophesies about the end times.  All that makes it an exciting book to study. But, there are more good reasons to study this important Old Testament book.

1) The book of Daniel opens our eyes up to the spiritual battle in the invisible realm between the kingdom of God and the kingdom of Satan. The Bible says that there is a visible realm, that you and I see, touch, hear, and then there is an invisible realm. And there is a battle going on in this realm between the kingdom of God and kingdom of Satan. And the book of Daniel opens up our eyes up to this battle going on in the invisible realm that has a massive impact on the visible realm.

2) Daniel’s situation resembles ours in many ways. For most of his life Daniel lived in the midst of a culture that didn’t share the same beliefs that he had about the Lord. He was part of a believing minority in a majority pagan culture. So, that makes his story very applicable to us as we seek to live for Christ in a society dominated by people who do not share our faith or values.

3) The book of Daniel contains incredible prophecies. Some of them have already been fulfilled, like the one in Daniel 9:24-26 which predicted in amazing detail the exact number of days there would be from the decree to rebuild Jerusalem till the coming of the Messiah. When we get to that chapter you will be amazed just how precisely that prophecy was fulfilled. Other prophecies recorded in Daniel are yet to be fulfilled and they contain specific information about the end times.

4) The book of Daniel teaches us a lot about God’s sovereignty, the idea that God is in charge of all people and all things and all circumstances. He’s in charge of kings, leaders, nations, and families. He is sovereign over the good times and the bad times, and that is something we all need constant reminders of.

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