Holy Week at Onward

March 20, 2020 |

Dear Onward family. As we prepare our hearts for Good Friday and Easter Sunday, we want to touch base to share some important ministry updates.

Good Friday & Easter Sunday Sermons
Though we are not able to gather in our usual way this weekend, I will be preaching two new messages that will be recorded and posted online, Friday and Sunday.
Good Friday message: “Jesus Crucified: What it means for us” (Jn.19:16-42)
Easter Sunday message: “The Resurrection of Jesus: Examining the Evidence” (Jn.20:1-18)
They will be posed on the church youtube channel on their respective days
This year, perhaps more than ever, there are so many who are hungry for a message of hope, and so we encourage you to share the Youtube links for these messages (via social media or email), once they are posted. Let us spread the message of the gospel to a needy world.

Thursday Communion via ZOOM at 7pm
Over the last month or so we have frequently heard it said that these are “unprecidented times”. That is certainly true. And what it means for churches is that it requires unprecidented ways of doing ministry. So, we would like to invite you to one such event: a live video call via ZOOM, where we will partake of the Lord’s supper, from our homes, together at the same time.  It will take place on Thursday, April 9 at 7pm. Please note that the Bible Study (at 10am and 7pm) will NOT take place this week. Instead, we will celebrate the Lord’s supper together!

It is fitting to do so on Thursday of this “Holy Week” as it was the Thursday evening of Jesus’ final week of his earthly ministry, on which Jesus instituted the Lord’s Supper. The next day he was crucified for our sins. So, it is fitting to celebrate Communion on Thursday, the eve of Good Friday this week.

For those who have been using ZOOM for the Bible studies, there is a DIFFERENT link to join this event. Here is the link and meeting ID, as well as instructions for phone/tablet/ipad users OR computer users.

Instructions for Phone/Tablet/Ipad users
-if you haven’t yet downloaded the ZOOM cloud meeting app, go to App Store/Google play store and download ZOOM (zoom.us)
-when you open it up, click on the blue ‘join a meeting’ tab.
-Enter the meeting ID as follows: 371780544
-Choose option to ‘join with video’
-Choose ‘call using internet audio’
And you should be good to go

Instructions for Computer users
cut and paste this link into your webbrowser

TAKE NOTE. If you haven’t used ZOOM on your computer before it will ask you to first download and install the zoom software. Say yes. Once downloaded, run it.
It may then ask you to open the URL zoom launcher. open it.  It will then ask if you want to join in computer audio, click on that and you will be able to join.

Caring for One Another: linking those in need with those who can help
Due to physical distancing measures, put in place by the government to reduce and slow the spread of covid-19, it has meant that we are all more isolated from one another. We recognize that this is hard and that there may even be specific needs that some of you have, especially if you are Elderly.  It is on our heart to do something about this, and establish a more coordinated effort to care for one another. Some of you have indicated you are available to help others out (while respecting physical distancing), and some of you have indicated a practical need you have, like emergency grocery delivery, for example. What we invite you to do is click on the link below and indicate to us us in the form, if you either have a need (physical or spiritual) or wish to volunteer to help meet some of the practical needs that arise. Then, we will seek to match the need with someone who can provide help. For the moment, Peter Cooney will serve as dispatcher, receiving these requests and contacting those who can help.

Financial Update
We want to thank you for your ongoing support of the work of the church. Though giving is down 50% in the last few weeks, we are confident that the Lord will provide for the needs of His church.

Three ways to give are …
1) dropping your tithe/offering through the mail slot of the side door of the church
2) mailing it to the church (165 Galt, Verdun, QC, H4G 2P3).  Because we have a mail slot, all mail is dropped safely in the church, and a member of the finance team will deposit the check.
3) Giving online through the secure platform with CanadaHelps, below, to process and receipt credit card donations

Finally, may the Lord encourage each of you, as you remember the death and resurrection of our Savior.

Warmly, in Christ
Bryan Guinness

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