Current Sermon Series – Philippians – “Fruitful Living”

June 15, 2020 |

This summer/fall we will be studying the book of Philippians for our Sunday morning teaching. I have titled this series FRUITFUL LIVING because the book of Philippians describes what fruitful Christian living looks like. It is one of…

  • Prayer (1:3-11)
  • Joy (1:12-18)
  • Longing for heaven (1:19-30)
  • Love and Humility (2:1-30)
  • Confidence in Christ (3:1-11)
  • Heavenly mindedness (3:12-21)
  • Healthy relationships (4:1-5)
  • Peace (4:6-9)
  • Generosity (4:10-23)

What is remarkable about this letter, written by the apostle Paul, around 61 A.D., is that he wrote it under house arrest (Acts 28:30), where he was literally in chains (1:14).

Given the restrictions that covid-19 has brought about, making us more home-bound, this letter is especially à propos. It is encouraging to know that even when our “normal” life is disrupted, we can still be fruitful in our Christian life. In fact, the word ‘joy’ is found 16 times in Paul’s letter, which reminds us that joy (like other fruit) can be experienced in whatever circumstances we are in.

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