Meet Adrien Bisson: Our new Youth Leader

December 21, 2020 |

We are pleased to welcome Adrien Bisson as our new part-time Youth Leader at Onward.

Adrien grew up in Montreal, and was homeschooled until attending Trinity Western and Liberty University for his undergraduate studies.  He has been a youth ministry intern at two Montreal-area churches, and he has volunteered as a camp counsellor at various Christian camps.

Adrien is fluently bilingual in English and French, and he has a love for the Lord and a passion to disciple young people.  He is also engaged to be married, and is currently doing a Pharm.D. degree at UdeM.

In January, 2021, Adrien will begin leading the youth group, for high school and cegep-aged students.  He will also in time develop a ministry for young adults which brings together university and 20-somethings.  Our vision is to see a generation of youth discipled for God’s glory and for the building up of the church. Join us as we pray for Adrien’s ministry to thrive among us.

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