Sermon Series – Ephesians

June 13, 2018 |

The book of Ephesians was written by the apostle Paul to encourage and instruct the church in Ephesus, around 60 AD. Ephesus is located in what is now called Turkey. In the first century it was a city of about a quarter of a million people, and was part of the Roman Empire. There in that city Paul preached the gospel. Those who believed formed the first church in that city, and he spent upwards of three years teaching them and building up the church. Eventually, Paul moved on to continue his missionary work elsewhere, but his love and concern for the believers in Ephesus remained.   After some time, he was arrested for preaching the gospel, and while he was imprisoned in the city of Rome, he wrote a letter to the believers in Ephesus, which we now know as the book of Ephesians. This letter of six chapters presents the new identity believers have in Christ and its implications for life.  The letter addresses topics like our new identity in Christ, effective prayer, using our spiritual gifts, growing our marriage, raising children, and handling spiritual warfare.
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