Christmas at Onward – Events and Services

November 10, 2018 |

Come and celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ this Christmas Season. Here’s our Advent schedule.

Sunday, December 2. 10:30am, Worship led by Alex & Sylvia Dyas and group. Sermon: John 1:1-4 “Jesus, the Eternal Creator” (Pastor Bryan)

Sunday, December 9. 10:30am, Carol singing with Stonehaven Youth Orchestra, led by Ron and Rebecca Heron. Sermon: John 1:5-13 “Jesus, the Light of All Mankind” (Pastor Bryan)

Sunday, December 16. 10:30am, Onward Christmas Choir, led by Heather Padgham. Sermon: John 1:14-18 “Jesus, the God-Man” (Pastor Bryan)

Sunday, December 23. 10:30am, Worship led by Bryan and Erin & Group. Children’s Program written by Susan Cooney: “And all this of the Newborn King.” Sermon: Pastor Russell Fisher.

Monday, December 24. 5:00pm, Carols By Candlelight Service, Worship led by Peter Cooney and Heather Padgham. Sermon: Luke 2:1-7 “The First Christmas” (Pastor Bryan)

Sunday, December 30. 10:30am. Worship led by Steve Boivin and group. Sermon: John 1:19-34 “Jesus, the Lamb of God” (Pastor Bryan)


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